Monday, July 14, 2008

Integrating entrepreneurship into your every day life

I recently visited some friends that work for themselves as construction contractors. Their business is small (just the husband and wife team for the most part) and they live modestly. When I pulled into their driveway, there were flowers blooming all around their home that took my breath away - hundreds of lilies in almost any color, hostas everywhere and quite a few other flowers that I do not know their names. When they moved into the house three years ago, there was not a single flower there. You see, flowers were their passion and starting the following summer, their plan was to start selling them.

We then went inside their home where their dog had eight puppies that were just two weeks old - my daughter did not want to leave them! I then learned that this particular breed of puppies would sell for over $200 a piece, and that was their plan once the puppies were old enough.

I left thinking about how entrepreneurial they were with their passions and their every day life -- and how smart they were to be able to find a way fund their passions and bring in a little more money while doing so. I learned first hand that entrepreneurship doesn't always mean writing long business plans and integrating cutting edge technology - it can also mean simply being smart and creative - or entrepreneurial - with how you live your life.

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