Monday, July 14, 2008

Do non-profits need social media?

If you are an entrepreneurial non-profit, or wish to be, some of the questions that you might be wondering is (a) what social media applications are appropriate? and (b) how should I integrate them?

Like for-profits, I suggest starting with a bit of market research. See what your 'competitor' non-profits are doing, or perhaps better stated, what other best practices are out there that you can learn from. If someone else is doing it, it makes much more sense to take what they have done and customize it to your specific needs/preferences. A website that was recently referred by the Church of the Customer blog is the "Association Social Media WiKi." Although the number of associations that have registered to date is not huge, you can definitely pick something that is relatively close to your industry and see what social media venues it is using and check them out. A great start.


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