Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You are never too young to be an entrepreneur!

I grew up in family-owned business. When I was younger, I also babysat, mowed lawns for extra money, sold cards, had a lemonade stand (well, once, it didn't go over that well) and probably did a few other "business ventures" that don't come to mind right now. Yet, I don't think that I was ever actually exposed to the concept of 'entrepreneurship' until college.

Today, there are not only a growing number of college entrepreneurship programs, but many targeted to schools and youth. Here are just a few:

NFTE - National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship

YoungBiz HomePage





If you are under the age of 18 and/or interact with anyone within this age group, no matter how young, there are many advantages of helping expose the entrepreneurial side in them. First, you are enabling them to build valuable skills (money handling, sales, people skills, etc.) that could be used later on in life. You are also teaching them how to be self-sufficient. Let's face it, not everyone is made for the corporate world. Last, you can help build confidence and give them something positive to focus on.

I used to work with an organization called The Institute for Entrepreneurship, where I helped administer a grant fund for kids/teachers and helped with their annual youth entrepreneurship conference. It was a simply amazing and inspiring experience -- you might be amazed at the potential in our young people.

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