Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Libraries: An invaluable tool for entrepreneurs

When is the last time you have gone to the library? image

As an entrepreneur, or a wanna-be entrepreneur, libraries represent an invaluable tool that I fully endorse. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Quiet place to think and fully concentrate on your business plan
  • Free access to computers, programs and the Internet
  • Free access to a wealth of knowledge via the librarians (really, they are geniuses that can help you find out nearly ANY piece of information that you need)
  • Free access to journals and other documents (that can otherwise be quite costly) that can help provide much needed insight into your market and industry
  • If your library doesn’t have the documents you need, they can usually access them from another library for you
  • From home, you can still usually access many of the electronic tools
  • From home, you can also typically submit a research question/request to the librarian that they’ll work on for you

As this week is deemed National Library Week, I encourage you to reconsider what your local library can do for you today!

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