Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Podcasts: Learning on the Go

A colleague recently shared with me that she frequently downloads podcasts (for free) from iTunes in order to keep up to date on the iTunes screenshotlatest business news while she is on the go. They can be played on either your iPod or your computer. After taking a look at iTunes, I was quite impressed as they literally have 1000's of free podcasts available for download.

Within the 'business' category of available podcasts, the top 10 audio podcasts include:

1. NPR: Planet Money Broadcast

2. The Dave Ramsey Show - The Truth about Life and Money

3. Wall Street Journal This Morning

4. APM - Marketplace

5. Bloomberg on the Economy

6. World Business News

7. Harvard Business Ideacast

8. Get-it-done Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to work Less and do More

9. Wall Street Journal's What's News

10. Bloomberg Economics

There are also many podcasts available that pertain specifically to entrepreneurship. By far, the most popular downloaded podcast was Rich Dad's Podcast by Robert Kiyosaki (who I have recommended previously on this blog). Overall, there were 86 podcasts that came up in a search on the word 'entrepreneur.'

Regardless of whether or not you are an entrepreneur, one of the keys to being successful in life in constant learning.

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