Tuesday, May 27, 2008


In the media today, we are hearing more about concerns with the economy and the increased number of foreclosures. Now, this can be pretty depressing. However, if you start to think entrepreneurially, you can see that there are two sides to everything. And, yes, in a down market such as ours today, many opportunities still exist. It just depends on how you look at it.Foreclosure Bug

My husband and I own a real estate business, Renewing Properties, that specializes in acquiring foreclosure properties and then selling them on a lease-to-own program. And, to let you in on a little secret, the business is thriving in today's economy! Why? Well, there are many more foreclosure deals to find. And, secondly, there are many more potential home buyers that are facing difficulty in obtaining a traditional mortgage and/or prefer a lease-to-own program as it helps them build up equity.

Can you think of any other opportunities that exist because of the state of the economy? What about staffing services that can help corporations outsource or help employees for plants that are shutting down? What about entrepreneurial training and consulting services as many individuals may in turn consider starting their own business if they lose their job? What about check-to-cash businesses? Discount retail outlets (as Americans start to become more price conscious again)? Bus services and/or technological services that enables communication without having to drive somewhere (and thus saving gas)?

Just start thinking --- and I assure you that the ideas will start to flow!

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