Sunday, December 30, 2007


I have recently begun exploring a social networking site for entrepreneurs called PartnerUp. It is an online community that helps you:

- Find business partners, co-founders, executives and board members
- Network with other entrepreneurs and small businesses
- Ask for and offer up advice
- Find commercial real estate
- Find service providers for your business

After registering (which is free) and taking a look around their site, I think that one of the most helpful parts is simply being in a place where you can find others to collaborate with. I know many people that either come up with any idea (but don't have the business skills and/or financing) or have the business skills (but don't have an idea). This is one solution or shall I say --- an opportunity! That said, there is also a little risk in putting yourself out there online.

Businesses are not started in solitude, but rather through a network of people. Even in small businesses where there is a sole owner/founder, that individual is relying on a network of others to give referrals, offer quality support, provide professional services, etc.

I am curious as to what others think of this site or other online networking sites for entrepreneurs, as I do feel the need to connect people together in an entrepreneurial capacity (for the human capital side of things rather than the financial capital) is an important one and much more could be done here.

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Steve said...

Professor Fernhaber, I am a former student of yours at Iowa State (I did the liquor company for our class project) and Im in the process of starting up a business, I had a couple of questions I wanted to run by you if you had a couple of minutes. ISU doesnt have any contact info for you, if you have some time please contact me w. your email at Thanks alot! -- Steve Zimmerman